Research & Development

Research and Development has enabled Paras Pen to maintain its position as a leader in the Pen Industry for almost a quarter century. Our wide range of products and a strong tradition of manufacturing quality products have demanded a high level of technological expertise in materials and manufacturing processes.

Innovative thinking, backed by rigorous testing and experimentation has enabled us to be first in the field with many products and materials for a quality writing experience. The nozzles used by us are manufactured by top Indian companies using Swiss machines. The granules are also being bought from leading Indian petrochemicals companies.

Our Research and Development team continues to study developing technologies relating to Ball pens, Refills and other related products. Our aim is to maintain the effectiveness of our products in meeting the needs of our customers and to apply state-of-the-art solutions to make top quality ball pens. Paras Pen has led the industry in innovation and leadership of writing instruments. Investing extensively in research and development as well as in new technologies, the company is looking forward to introducing an impressive list of writing achievements.